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We are offering a FREE eye exan for all children in Grenada.

Eagles' Sight - Eye Care Center


Advanced Technology

Here at Eagles’ Sight, we provide you with the latest equipment for our treatments and examinations.

Qualified Doctors

Our qualified staff have many years of experience in the field of ophthalmology and are qualified to provide you with the best treatments that you may need.

24/7 Availability

You can contact our qualified Doctors at any time by using the information found on our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions and our Eye care experts answers.

I work on the computer all day. Can this affect my eyes?
How often should I have an eye exam?
Can you tell me what is wrong with my eyes now?
Can I make an appointment online?

 Why Choose Eagles’ Sight for your eye care in Grenada?

Great Infrastructure

At Eagles’ Sight Eye Care Centre, we provide our clients with the best environment for health practices. Our infrastructure follows all the sanitation needed to keep our health standards as high as possible.

24/7 Emergency Services

Our staff takes phone calls in case of emergencies at any point given. Furthermore, patients can come to our clinic during the day in case of emergencies.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Eagles’ Sight Eye Care Centre, we have the latest equipment and specialists who have the necessary training to use this equipment, in order to provide you with the best services in the island of Grenada.

Today’s Tip from Dr. Zurita


Role of Nutrition in Ophthalmology

The importance of nutrition in health and diseases, in fact, must be evaluated from several perspectives of nutrient functions and interactions, the genesis of the disease, and the genetic background of the patient.

Indeed, many changes in very important structures of the eye are caused by a deficiency of nutrients like vitamins and minerals; for example Xeroftalmia or “dry eye” is associated with vitamin A deficiency.  Similarly, retinal perivasculitis or inflammation of the retinal arteries and Optic Neuritis or inflammation of the optic nerve is associated with low vitamin B levels.  Subconjunctival and retinal hemorrhages are linked with vitamin C deficiency, and poor color vision, cataracts and optic atrophy (which is irreversible) are related to liver diseases.


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